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Dogindream.com helps with rescue charity’s that works with cat & dog shelters and fosters. We help to improve the lives of strays and underprivileged cats & dogs. Let us know if your cause is worthy!


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This cat cave is fantastic! It was immediately loved by my cats. It was easy to put the pieces together, and it can be stored if necessary. It can be folded up neatly. It has a removable cover that can also be washed. 10/10 I may need more!

Rina M. 🇺🇸 / Cat Cave

It is sturdy and well-made. DURABLE. The leash has a little stretch, making it easy for my puppy to pull on the leaf or shadow. My favorite daily leash is when training my large-breed puppy. The 5ft length is more comfortable for me than the 6ft. I find it very comfortable, and I can wrap my hand around my hand when people approach me.

Bella V. 🇺🇸 / Dog Leash

This little device does not cause harm to your dog and only vibrates and beeps. Our Cavalier King Charles was quite stubborn. He felt that he had to bark each time he went outside. The vibrations seemed like they distracted and refocused him with the first time he wore it. He no longer barks when it’s on his body. I am so happy with my purchase!

Levi B. 🇺🇸 / Dog Training Collar

I bought her a large size and adjusted the settings to fit her body. It fit perfectly. It was perfect. She can pull as much as she wants without worrying about a collar. As your dog’s chest area may be smaller, I recommend getting one size larger than you normally would. It fit my dog perfectly. It’s a great fit for her and I love it. This harness is great for pulling pullers.

Kayla S. 🇺🇸 / Dog Harness

Roxy was thrilled to find this bed. Roxy is getting older so I looked into cozy high wall dog beds. Roxy loves it. I haven’t washed it yet but plan to. It’s a wonderful product that I recommend highly.

Nevaeh M. 🇺🇸 / Cuddle Dog Bed

I have been surprised with how this collar works, I had my doubts that a tone-and-vibration-only collar would curb my dog’s barking (he is not normally a barker but when taunted by backyard squirrels, he can go off!) But it works! There are a few barks, but then the tone grabs his attention and he stops. I tried shock collars once before, but it was too painful for me to imagine inflicting pain on my 90lb dog! It is a beautiful beast! Great product, very happy so far!

Violet M. 🇺🇸 / Dog Training Collar

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