3 Important Things To Remember When Puppy Training

puppy training

Just like a child, there are various ways to raise a puppy. There is no single right way to raise puppies. However, most people agree some universal principles and truths apply to all children. Three things are essential to remember about dogs that most people don’t consider. First, we have all heard a phrase countless times: “My dog won’t listen or behave.”

1. Dogs won’t understand English unless taught.

We love their lives and how they treat us. They learn their body language, facial expressions, and language from us. They know English only, but they have no other language. So if we say, “Wanna go out?” One day, you might hear, “Have gotta go potty?” They might say the same thing the next day: “Hafta, get potty!” If they can figure out what we want within the third day, they will have removed the leash and be happy to go towards the door. Teaching your dog your language can help speed up his training. Each behavior can be conducted by you choosing a command and sticking to it. It will be easier for your dog to learn if you repeat the exact words to your family members.

obedience dog training

2. A puppy’s metabolism is quicker than we think.

Your puppy will grow faster if he is younger. He will need to eat and use the toilet more often. Do not punish your puppy for making a mistake. These are not your fault. It will depend on the age of the puppy and what breed he is. A 6-week-old puppy should go outside at least once per hour, especially during summer. Dogs are drawn to smells, and it is best to housebreak them within 7-8 weeks. You will know if your dog needs to rest, eat, or has trouble after grooming. You need to move quickly if he suddenly stops chewing or plays with toys. When he uses an outside toilet, he gets praised. “What an amazing BOYY!” “”GOOD, go potty!” The like. Dogs are happy and will do just about anything to have happy faces.

3. Dogs love our facial expressions, body language, and body language.

The worst punishment you can give your dog is to make him scowl. You can see his face is sad, and his tail is dropping. I’m sure he will learn from his mistakes. Do not be discouraged if he isn’t paying attention. Instead, show him love and smile again. It doesn’t matter if you have to discipline him physically. You can help him understand your expectations by giving him consistent commands and loving praise. He will quickly master facial expressions and body language.

There are many aspects of training your puppy. Love your puppy is just as important as it is for children. This will make your dog happy, healthy, and well-adjusted throughout his entire life. These three tips will help him get started.

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