Dogindream® ALL Dog Training Collar with Remote Waterproof

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Do you have a puppy or an aggressive young dog? You’ll love this dog training collar because of its excellent benefits. It makes it easy to teach your dog what to do, stop barking, and much more.

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The Perfect Dog Training Collar for Dogs Of All Ages

The all-dog training collar works highly effectively and can train your dog in 4 different modes, lead mode, beep, vibration, and static shock.

Our amazing waterproof dog training collar has become a favorite among dog trainers and pet owners.

Product Amazing Benefits

  • Three channels: The remote transmitter has three signal channels that can control up to 3 dog receivers from the same model.
  • Fast charging: The USB charging cable can simultaneously charge the remote control and the receiver. 
  • Remote control range up to 2600ft (875 yards) with special LED lights on the receiver. This allows you to locate your dog even when it is dark.
  • Auto power saves Automatic standby mode, memory functions, and auto power off.
  • Adjustable Collar For Most sizes:  The dog training collar material is adjustable nylon with good flexibility and will not harm the dog’s skin. Adjustable 10-25 inches, suitable for small, medium, and large dogs from 8-250 pounds.

Long battery Life

High-quality batteries can charge the receiver in 2-3 hours. It can also be used for up to 15 days. Remote control, on the other hand, can last up to 45 days.

  1. Beep Mode: The beep mode sounds standard and cannot be adjusted in volume. This mode is for sensitive dogs.
  2. Static Shock Mode: This training collar has a rubber contact head that is safer than other metals. The shock level is adjustable from 1 to 99. The shock head does not directly touch the skin of the dog. This mode can be used to debug step by level, starting at level 1.
  3. Vibration Mode: Vibration can be selected from levels 1 through 99. To determine the best training mode for your dog, you can choose between vibration and beep sound.
  4. Lead Mode: Lead Mode is an innovative new tool designed to help you locate your dog when he or she goes missing.It uses two speakers to emit different sounds, one for barking and another for whistles.

Our Dog Collar Is Adjustable To Fit Size Dogs

The dog training collar material is adjustable nylon with good flexibility and will not harm the dog’s skin. Adjustable 10-25 inches, suitable for small, medium, and large dogs from 8-250 pounds.

Waterproof Dog Training Collar

The receiver (collar) is 100% waterproof, allowing maximum flexibility while training outdoors.

Let us help you achieve your training goals along with your partner in safety!
Additional information
Brand Name


Product Specification

Battery type: lithium-ion battery (built-in)

Transmitter Charging time: 1.5 hours

Transmitter standby time: about a month

Receiver charging time: 1.5hours

Receiver standby time: about 11- 15

Frequence:433 MHZ

Transmitter battery voltage: 3.7V 300ma LIP

Receiver:3.7V 300ma LIP

Receiver waterproof level: IP67

Applicable Dog Breeds: Large Dog, Medium-sized Dog, Small Dog

Weight: 0.28kg

Package weight: 0.3 kg

Adjustable collar size: 27.5IN(70CM)

Useful Instructions:

Please charge before your first use and follow the instructions in the instruction manual.
One bad behavior can be eliminated, or only one command can be taught at a given time. If you are too fast, your pet may become confused and repel.

Before using shock mode, it would be a good idea to try vibration on your pet.

You must focus on your dog's reactions to train him with the right intensity.

What's Included

1 X Remote Transmitter
1 X Receiver Collar or 2 X Receiver Collars or 3 X Receiver Collars
1 X Adjustable Nylon Strap
1 X Rechargeable USB Charging Cable
1 X Charger
1 X Contactor
1 X Instruction Book

Reviews (60)

60 reviews for Dogindream® ALL Dog Training Collar with Remote Waterproof

  1. Isla

    Settings are simple. Everything works, there are three modes of sound, vibro and current can be adjusted. Took two collars, you can work with three. Great training tool

  2. Piper N. 🇺🇸

    To help with bad behavior, we bought this product for our new dog. We didn’t have to shock him. He listens to the vibration, and sometimes hears it. It stops any negative behavior. It’s great. I personally love the fact that it automatically turns off to save the battery.

  3. Customer

    Quality product.

  4. Aries 🇺🇸

    Very fast. A lot ahead of time. The goods are as expected. Corresponds to the description. Thank you very much.

  5. Customer

    The description of the collar was accurate. sent earlier than expected. Thank you store.

  6. Anna C. 🇺🇸

    Our labradoodle puppy is 4 months old. She is intelligent, but very headstrong. This tool has significantly improved her listening skills. Positive reinforcement has been done with treats. Although she still uses the tone and vibration mode to communicate with us, it has helped her stop not listening. After one week of consistent use, she can only hear the tone. To prevent her from getting run over by a car, she only used static shock once. The battery life is fantastic! This tool is excellent!

  7. Nina C. 🇺🇸

    We have a Newfy mix of 90lb and the shock feature has never been used. The vibrate and the beep work great together. He was accustomed to it in no time. It’s easy to use and he doesn’t fear it. The lock feature is I. It’s very useful if you have to carry it around, or accidentally press the buttons. We will be buying another one since we already have another Great Pyrenees.

  8. Alice V. 🇺🇸

    This collar was very affordable and I was surprised at its quality. It was purchased to keep my 110-pound 10 month old puppy, who is prone to jumping on people, at bay. I began with a low vibration but quickly realized that I needed more power. The lock on the control prevents accidental shocks. This gave me some peace of mind as I only use vibrate mode. After one week of consistent use, my dog stopped responding to my commands and I no longer need the collar.

  9. Ina 🇨🇦

    Dog Collar makes a great training collar. This is the second Dog Collar I’ve purchased. My mini golden doodle can get stubborn at times. He responds very well to vibrations and the beep. I have never tried the shock button with my dog. I like the fact that the shock can be adjusted to a different level. I set my shock to 5; it’s almost like placing your tongue on a 9v-volt battery. Yes, I did test it on myself. The remote features a lock button to prevent your dog being shocked by buttons that are accidentally pushed into your pockets. The distance can be measured accurately as well. The Dog Collar offers you many options to improve your relationship with your dog.

  10. Customer

  11. August T. 🇺🇸

    This collar is my favorite. We had a poodle puppy who would run from us all morning, chasing bunnies or cats. I didn’t want to hurt him, but train him. This has saved my life. He knows exactly where he can go in the yard. They are both he hates and he will stop at a moment’s notice. Other collars didn’t work for me.

  12. Cora 🇨🇦

    We use it as a training collar, as well as as a tool when we have visitors. One was given to our first dog but it didn’t work. I was thrilled to see a new version. My second dog quickly learned to listen when he was wearing it. However, we have never used the zap on our dogs. We did try the zap for ourselves to find out how it felt like for our dogs. It helps me take our second dog out for walks. He is 120lbs and tends to pull when he’s excited.

  13. Mia L. 🇨🇦

    Great thank you

  14. Custmer

    The vibration feature worked great and the battery lasted longer! The only problem with our puppy was his fur, which meant that he didn’t feel any shocks even at the highest levels. We had to resort to vibration and sound to stop the bad behavior that he displayed as a stray. This product is great for dogs with lighter fur.

  15. Custmer

    Very thank you order arrived in 2 days is all OK. Recommend the store All 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  16. Bailey Z. 🇺🇸

    It is a great solution for dogs that bark a lot.

  17. Sage 🇺🇸

    Works like a charm! I was amazed at how easy it worked.

  18. Custmer


  19. Sarah A. 🇺🇸

    The collar is cool. The dog is finally listening. The product is worth its money. It came very quickly in three days. Thank you very much

  20. Wade C. 🇺🇸

    We prefer the vibration mode for training. But, be aware that the shock mode can be extremely strong. The collar looks great. It looks great and is not as cheap as other ones I purchased. Amazing quality, well worth the extra cash

  21. Piper W. 🇺🇸

    It was an excellent purchase to train my dog. He didn’t need more than one zap, and hasn’t been seen outside the yard since.

  22. Sean 🇨🇦

    It does exactly as it should!

  23. Custmer

    It Works great. Helps my dog obey.

  24. Cora D. 🇺🇸

    It’s far the best we have used. It claims it is waterproof, but we haven’t tried it yet. If it works after my dog swims, then I’ll buy it again.

  25. Customer

    Everything works. Delivered very quickly in 5 days. Comfortable, soft, reliable collar strap.

  26. Quinn

    It is perfect for pets, and it works great on all sizes of dogs.

  27. Uriel N. 🇺🇸

    I love the safety feature. If the remote is not on, you can push the button twice to make it vibrate, beep or shock. This is to prevent false positives from accidentally hitting the remote. You only need to press the button once the remote has been turned on. After about 60 seconds, the remote will automatically shut off. It is a great product at a great price. The remote has a lot of range, which is important for my dog who likes to run long distances and explore while camping.

  28. Customer

    Received fast. Very good product Simple and intuitive

  29. Customer

    very fast delivery, item as described… I recommend…

  30. Customer

    The goods are very high quality, the store is very good. Recommend.

  31. Amber 🇺🇸

    Great Collar! Mega fast. It works! Recommend!

  32. Hazel N. 🇺🇸

    My shepherd dog barks at everything. Although working remotely has made me more aware of the problem, I was still hesitant about buying a shock collar. I was delighted to find a collar that emits 3 tones and then vibrates. The tones serve as a reminder and she has not yet reached the vibration. The vibration stopped her barking right away after the first day. Happy momma

  33. Jade 🇺🇸

    This was my first time trying e-collar training. It was worth every penny. It has worked so well for my dog. The collar is not painful or uncomfortable. I tested it out on myself before applying it to my dog. All trainers recommend this. These instructions are excellent. The dual charger works well for the remote and collar.

  34. Victor 🇺🇸

    I used to have a Motorola product that was more expensive, but it broke. This unit is much more appealing to me. The range is great. Tone volume is good. Vibration can be very effective. Although shock is rarely used, it can get the dog’s attention. It’s a nice addition. It is also smaller than the Motorola. Although she is not allowed to swim with it, she has used it for a few times and it works great. It seems to be durable as she runs through the woods. The standby function is very useful – the battery lasts for well over a month.

  35. Eliana 🇺🇸

    Collar came earlier declared, works excellent, we are very happy. Recommend this product.

  36. C***e

    Mon chien a le poil long le collier ne fonctionne pas avec lui

  37. Israel A. 🇺🇸

    It works, checked, the truth is that for yourself. Fits the description and configuration. Good price. Delivery early, very quickly, instead of a week and a half, it for three days. Very satisfied with everything.

  38. Avery C. 🇨🇦

    Цена качество, соответствует. Этот второй заказываю. Первый в поле потеряли, сам ошейник. Искали, не нашли, был сильный ветер, ничего не слышно. Заказал такой же. Через неделю опять повёз собаку на то же поле. Ветра не было и жена взяла с собой передатчик, на всякий случай. И представьте, что пролежав ровно неделю в поле, он запищал и мы его нашли. Вчера этот прислали, теперь два. И еще, одним передатчиком можно управлять двумя приёмниками, независимо, переключая каналы. Шокер практически не использую, достаточно вибро.

  39. Amy N. 🇺🇸

    Amazing dog training collar.

  40. Emma V. 🇺🇸

    Our yard is not fenced so our dog was able to roam around outside, but he didn’t listen when we let him out. After a few warnings verbally and then the vibration and beep of the remote, followed by a quick zap at level 10, he quickly realized that the beep meant head home. To make sure it didn’t hurt, I first tried it out on myself. It feels almost like the tingling you get from a 10s unit. We are very pleased with the product. It works exactly as we expected.

  41. Nora

    This is my second remote control. Collar is waterproof. My dog swimming every day in the sea and I don’t have any problem. But Remote Control after strong rain died in my pocket. I am thinking need to buy one collar and two control for future. But anyway, Good product and responsible Seller. Thank you

  42. Grant 🇺🇸

    I am working on training my puppy. You have three options to train your dog. So far so good. It was easy to do.

  43. Amy N. 🇺🇸

    I love the collar she came back as soon as I beeped her. The range is amazing. Great collar.

  44. Den Z. 🇺🇸

    Delivered, in 3 days. Thats incredible!! Everything is fine.

  45. Emma C. 🇺🇸

    Everything works,. Dog while I’m on vibro. The current is strong. No anti-lag.

  46. Gianna 🇺🇸

    I love the light feature. When you press and hold on the light button, the collar will light up. If you have a running dog, I recommend this collar. This collar is great for training your dog.

  47. Isla Z. 🇨🇦

    This collar was bought to train my dog to stop barking and to stop chasing cats. Although it has only been a week, it already shows improvements in these areas. The vibration button is easier to use for warnings that are not too shocking (lol). Because he is a stubborn puppy, the shock makes it easy to correct his behavior quickly. This is strictly for training purposes. It’s a bonus that I enjoy the light for dark hours of walking.

  48. Zoey V. 🇺🇸

    Because my dog is very anxious about separation anxiety, I was unsure what to expect. However, after three days the behavior and attitude have changed dramatically. I would recommend it.

  49. Dina X. 🇺🇸

    Corrected behavior immediately that was not possible with normal training. It’s important to make sure it is right. My German Shepard took the sticker off and started eating it. This was my fault. I purchased a new one because I loved it so much. Now, I turn it on whenever I need it or have company. My dog is calm and obeys the remote. I don’t like shock, but the vibrate/audio warning makes it so that I rarely have to. If you have read this review, and feel the need for activism against these products, I believe you should get a shock collar whenever the world needs your opinion.

  50. Violet M. 🇺🇸

    I have been surprised with how this collar works, I had my doubts that a tone-and-vibration-only collar would curb my dog’s barking (he is not normally a barker but when taunted by backyard squirrels, he can go off!) But it works! There are a few barks, but then the tone grabs his attention and he stops. I tried shock collars once before, but it was too painful for me to imagine inflicting pain on my 90lb dog! It is a beautiful beast! Great product, very happy so far!

  51. Customer

    A 6 month-old German Shepherd has some anxiety issues. He is quite the barker at night. I didn’t like the idea of a shock collar so I decided to give it a shot. I had no idea vibrations and beeps would stop him barking. It works, and it’s amazing. We could see that he was consciously relating his bark to the irritating vibrations and beeps by night 2. He knows that if the collar is on, he will stop barking.

  52. Levi B. 🇺🇸

    This little device does not cause harm to your dog and only vibrates and beeps. Our Cavalier King Charles was quite stubborn. He felt that he had to bark each time he went outside. The vibrations seemed like they distracted and refocused him with the first time he wore it. He no longer barks when it’s on his body. I am so happy with my purchase!

  53. Ray L. 🇺🇸

    Good quality goods, adequate price and fast delivery!!!

  54. Ellie 🇺🇸

    With patience they learn

  55. Amy T.

    Great item, works well for my dog.

  56. Customer

    Everything works, already charged out of the box, qualitatively made, I recommend

  57. Ruby A. 🇨🇦

    This collar was successful after you tried other products to stop Willie from barking. Although Willie may bark one time, that is it. This collar is highly recommended and I do not usually review products.

  58. Customer

    Because my dog is very anxious about separation anxiety, I was unsure what to expect. However, after three days the behavior and attitude have changed dramatically. I would recommend it. One thing.

  59. Leah M. 🇺🇸

    Great Collar! Mega fast. It works! Recommend!

  60. Sisa N. 🇨🇦

    The box is a lil crumpled, but the insides are whole. great training collar

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